About us

Have you had a passion so deep that you couldn’t help but do something about it? Something that was deep in your veins and inspired every beat of your heart?

 We have, and that’s why BrantonFitness exists. We believe it’s our job to spread awareness and products that encourage kids and family to engage in outdoor and fitness activities. We believe this brings joy to the family unit as a whole and more importantly to kids.  That passion, drive, and insatiable focus to bring our vision to life are at the core of everything we do. From our first sale on amazon we have made it our passion to ensure we not only sell products but push out information and inspiration to our customers to further bring out family fitness awareness.

 Our team spends hours each week to share the best of the best inspiring content online with our fans. We believe that there is way too much inspiring and amazing content out there not to share it with the world.

 Out of that model we reached out further still to our customers by launching a website store front which not only links our customers to our Amazon products but also provides inspiring information. We feel that this is a combination that brings together all the best ideas to inspire your life!

 So today, we not only bring you fun and lovable posts on social media, but we also bring you fun, inspiring and innovative products that make family fitness fun and exciting